This is going to be difficult for me but I think I'm up to the challenge. Understand, I am a wise woman of strong opinions. :-) After all, when I'm right, I'm right, right? ;-) So many people seem to be in a quandary as to voting this year.  Personally, I've just about tuned out the entire horse race.  Yet within me is the conviction that vote I must. My forefathers, brave men like John Hancock and George Washington and James Madison risked swinging from a gallows so that I might have the privilege. ...


Wounded Healer

Wounded Healer

Pacific Press • 2005

"You are worthless! A dummy! A pantywaist! I hate your guts!"

"I remember being lashed to a tree with a chain and a dog coller fastened around my neck. Somehow I'd wandered off and my father accused me of running away. To teach me a lesson, he let the dog go and chained me to the tree trunk. I was two. It was the first time I remember my father telling me that he hated my 'guts.' I didn't know what it meant to hate someone's guts, but I knew It had to be pretty bad because he looked ao angry."

Tom Sanford's life growing up under the abusive hand of a father who used rage to manipulate and control others was anything but idyllic. His red eyes and swollen lips from beatings home earned him cruel nicknames at school. But the physical bruises on his body were no match for the wounds to his spirit.

How this inwardly wounded boy grew up to become a healer of thousands of like-wounded boys and girls through the ministry of Project PATCH is the stuff of miracles. And the book you hold in your hands tells the story.

From Sanford's own troubled past to the heartbreaking stories of the children he and his wife, Bonnie, have rescued, Wounded Healer is an emotional journey of faith, struggle, and redemption. Long after you close the covers of this brook, the stories of young lives changed on the "miracle ranch" known as PATCH will remain in your heart forever.