This is going to be difficult for me but I think I'm up to the challenge. Understand, I am a wise woman of strong opinions. :-) After all, when I'm right, I'm right, right? ;-) So many people seem to be in a quandary as to voting this year.  Personally, I've just about tuned out the entire horse race.  Yet within me is the conviction that vote I must. My forefathers, brave men like John Hancock and George Washington and James Madison risked swinging from a gallows so that I might have the privilege. ...


Especially for Women

With a dollop of humor, tender memories and a touch of femininity, Kay reminds females that they were made in God's image, that they are the Father's "darling daughters". Her message frees the little girl in each of her attendees to celebrate her own uniqueness.

Talents and Tiaras

(3-4 presentations)
What has God placed in your hand? Esther had a tiara; Tabitha a needle; Lydia a ledger; Deborah a gavel; and Mary a perfume bottle. Kay's compelling messages on being willing to be used of God brings conviction to listeners' hearts.

God Gives a Song

(1-4 presentations)
Through the rosy-colored glasses of time, Kay uses several musical themes of love songs from the 1950's and 1960's to illustrate falling in love and growing in love with the Savior. Theme Suggestion: 1950's era

Romance of Salvation

Salvation is for Lovers (women's place in God's plan); Gomer the Runaway Bride; The Princess Bride (Song of Solomon); The Wedding Planner (The Bride of Christ)

A Guiding Light: An Angel's Story

A dramatization of one angel's perspective of the Christmas story as she illuminates the way to the Savior.

Very Personally Yours

(Valentine's Day)
(1-4 presentations)
In a world where the value of a woman's work to a man's is seventy-eight cents to the dollar; and in a world where 150,000,000 women go missing each year, more than all the deaths in all the wars of the Twentieth Century; Kay reminds her audience that females were not a Divine afterthought, second class citizens, or "lesser beings." Through metaphor and example she reminds her audience that God's darling daughters reveal Daddy-God's image in uniquely feminine ways men never can. Theme Suggestion: celebrating feminity

Out of the Toy Box into the World

(Valentine's Day)
(1-4 presentations)
Too often the children of God have been satisfied playing in their toy boxes with their Legos(TM) and Barbie's(TM). Kay presents the theme of children and their toys to illustrate the need for God's people to, first become as little children in their faith and then to grow beyond the squabbling over territory, the arrangement of the plastic furniture, and the building of block towers into the real world of forgiveness, grace, faith building and the living of God's love. Theme Suggestion: toys

For Such a Time

(Valentine's Day)
(1-4 presentations)
God doesn't make accidents. In Him there are no orphans, no aliens, no outcasts of society. God places His children exactly where He needs them so they can best glorify His Holy Name. Using the stories of Biblical women like Esther, Gomer and Ruth, Kay celebrates the privilege of living in God's purpose and being a part of His plan.

A Weekend Basking In the Son

(Valentine's Day)
(1-4 presentations)
This weekend of seminars focuses on Jesus, and Jesus alone. After the fiasco of Mar's Hill Paul vowed he would forever preach Christ and Christ crucified. Kay challenges her listeners to come face to face with the brilliance of Christ, His sacrifice, His love and His grace through the lives of those who dared. Theme Suggestion: at the beach

Weekend Wrapsody for Tarnished Hearts and Tattered Talents

(Valentine's Day)
(1-4 presentations)
Everyone needs to take a break. Even Jesus took time out when He was on earth. Kay explores the benefit of going on a spa retreat to repair the tarnished hearts and to mend the tattered talents of His disciples. Theme Suggestion: Spa retreat