This is going to be difficult for me but I think I'm up to the challenge. Understand, I am a wise woman of strong opinions. :-) After all, when I'm right, I'm right, right? ;-) So many people seem to be in a quandary as to voting this year.  Personally, I've just about tuned out the entire horse race.  Yet within me is the conviction that vote I must. My forefathers, brave men like John Hancock and George Washington and James Madison risked swinging from a gallows so that I might have the privilege. ...


Professional Growth

"Christian writers have an incredible message to share and must become the best writers in the world!" To spare other writers unnecessary pain, Kay shares with her audience the invaluable lessons she learned during her first year of freelance writing and in the years since. She adds, "A good writer only becomes great when he swallows his ego and recognizes he has areas in which he can improve."

Writing for Publication

(3-4 presentations)
If you dream of writing a book or publishing an article, Kay shares techniques that can turn your dream into reality.

Writing Your Memoirs

(3-4 presentations)
Everyone has a story to share. Kay shows how to turn your life experiences into a book for family pleasure or for publication.